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    I have been using nginx since 2010 now, and have grown to love it for a great deal of things.

    nginx is not limited to the web; it can also natively load balance TCP/UDP streams amongst other things. I will recommend it for most use-cases. However, if you're currently using Apache and thinking of switching: First determine if you need to and whether you can do it easily (nginx has no .htaccess!).


    New to nginx? Read the nginx primer by Martin Fjordvald (external link).

    Apache HTTP Server

    I have been using Apache (later "Apache HTTP Server") since 1997. So probably for around 20 years now.

    Even though I love nginx more, Apache still has some qualities that can't very simply be moved to nginx (.htaccess is unique to Apache)... especially when you're doing shared hosting for a lot of customers with each their own wishes.